Клонки на Сребрист смърч (Picea Pungens)

Създаваме красота и уют


Snow cleaning

This winter „Dvorche“ launches a new seasonal service – snow cleaning. We offer you maintenance of your garden during the winter when it has special needs.

What’s in the package?

  • Plants maintenance – cleaning the branches from accumulated snow which can permanently deform, bend or even break them.
  • Cleaning of beautiful places in your garden that you’d like to be seen even in winter when everything else is covered in snow.
  • Cleaning snow from paths, walkways, porches.
  • Treatment of ice covered sections.
  • Sanding and treatment with chemicals.
  • Disposal of accumulated snow.
  • Cleaning the yard of fallen branches, litter, old Christmas decorations.


The price may be formed for a single or subscription based service.

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