Клонки на Сребрист смърч (Picea Pungens)

Създаваме красота и уют



The main services we provide are:

How we do it?


  • We inspect, evaluate and measure the yard (area);
  • We discuss the owner’s ideas. We know you don’t want just „a nice yard.“ You want „your nice yard” the way only you see it. So we try to make your dreams come true in a professional way;
  • We give you a quote;
  • We draw up a detailed project.

Shaping the yard and building the lawn

  • We prepare the area through rough leveling, terracing.
  • Then we set up and form pathways, alleys and grounds with stone or concrete slabs, parking elements with grass joints;
  • We remove unwanted shrubs and trees;
  • We treat with herbicides;
  • We prepare the ground for grass by hoeing the available soil or by introducing new one;
  • Fine-leveling;
  • We selecting the right grass mixture and sowing (depending on the features of the terrain – sun, shade, soil type, irrigation capabilities, type of use of the terrain)
  • Rolling;
  • Watering until germination of grass.

Planting of ornamental vegetation

  • Shaping of curbs with leaf ornamentals or flower plants;
  • Planting of decorative shrubs and trees;
  • Shaping figures of combined vegetation;
  • Planting of different types of hedges;
  • Building a rock garden or rocky area;
  • Construction of artificial lakes, water cascades.

Maintenance of the garden

Maintenance of the garden

It is important for us to know that our work has not gone to waste. The garden forms and blossoms into full glory after a certain amount of time – usually several months after its construction. When turf grass is already strengthened and when plants have rooted and started growing, flowers are blooming. That would be difficult without professional maintenance. If, after completing a garden we just leave it „to grow“ it will soon be covered with weeds, overgrown bushes and branches. That is why it is important to continue working on the garden after its construction. We offer a full range of technical support activities in the yard maintenance:

  • For lawns – lawn aerating, rolling, reseeding of bare areas, aerifying (Verticulation), fertilization, treatment with herbicide against weeds, weeding by hand;
  • For ornamental plants – pruning shrubs, trees, hedges, removal of excess vegetation and garden waste, replacement of faded flowers;
  • Preparation for garden parties.