Клонки на Сребрист смърч (Picea Pungens)

Създаваме красота и уют



The mission of “Dvorche” is to create beauty and comfort.

Everyone has their own concept for beauty. Most often it is associated with the idyllic picture of a garden paradise in which to relax and enjoy a quiet break after a hard day or week.

  • We take your idea and make it reality.
  • Landscaping is not just a profession, but a passion for us.
  • We see gardening as an art.
  • We want to be sure that we’ve done our job well – there’s nothing like the satisfaction after completing a successful project and the yard blossoms in beautiful colors in front of us.

There are many different art styles in gardening – Mediterranean, English, Japanese, geometric, etc. When choosing the style what’s most important is the desire of the owner, but that does not impede us to have our personal preferences, and share them with you.

We like traditional Bulgarian style of the old Renaissance houses – many stones and plates, curved pathways, clay pots, boxshrubs, flowers, vines – all of this brings lots of coziness. It’s about one’s way of seeng things to combine modern spectacular varieties with typical Bulgarian traditional courtyard features.

What we like?

Lots of green, plentiful, lush vegetation, springing up everywhere – from every corner and each hole of each small tile.

What we dislike?

Concrete and construction teams.